Upcoming Events

11-22 Scott Clay and Nick Mardon at The Pines 1852, Hood River, OR, 6-9pm

11-23 Scott Clay and Nick Mardon at Hop Nation Brewing Co, Yakima, Wa 6:30

11-24 Scott Clay and Nick Mardon at the Big Legrowlski, Portland, OR 9:30

11-29 Nick Mardon Solo at the Cottage, Bothell 7-10pm Reservations (425) 286-6332

12-3 Nick Mardon Solo at Craft Bar & Kitchen, Seattle 6-8pm

12-7 Nick Mardon Trio at Sigillo Cellars, Snoqualmie 6:30-9:30pm

12-20 Nick Mardon Trio at Eye of the Needle Winery, Woodinville 6-9pm

      Reservations highly recommended.

12-27 Nick Mardon Solo at Village Wines, Woodinville 6-9pm

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