Private Instruction

Nick offers private lessons on guitar, bass, drums, and vocals for beginners, intermediate (hobbyist), and advanced players.  Lessons focus on fundamentals (technique, music theory, timekeeping etc.) and repertoire development (learning songs & musical genres).


Nick's curriculum includes sight reading and music theory books from Berklee School of Music and Musicians Institute as well as classics such as Syncopation by Ted Reed, Chord Chemistry by Ted Greene, Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer by Jim Chapin, and many more books.  Nick emphasizes the importance of learning the whole fingerboard on Guitar and Bass by using a modulating system of scales and chords.  On Drums, the core concepts taught are independence (ability to perform different rhythms with different limbs) and musicality (dynamics, playing styles, tasteful fills).  Nick's goal on all instruments is to help students learn songs of their choice in have fun improving their skills.  

Lessons are taught on Mondays and Tuesdays at Nick's personal studio or online via Skype or FaceTime.  Email for rates, policies, and scheduling availability.  

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